Żejt iż-Żejtun Marathon

Marathon Routes

• 650m Children Fun Run

• 650m Loop X 4 = 2.6km Fun Run

• 7.035Km Loop X 3 = Half Marathon

Tourist Package

Discover Malta: Zejtun,
Valletta and Surrounding Areas


The first ever Żejt iż-Żejtun Marathon will take place on September 18th 2016.

This exciting running competition unfolds across the olive grove territories of the southern area of Malta. To meet all needs and requirements, the marathon will offer several routes of different length and difficulty.

The village of Żejtun – whose name comes from ‘zebbuga’, the Semitic word for ‘olives’ – was a main olive oil production centre for centuries. Today this tradition is experiencing a revival with a number of olive groves being set up in Zejtun and the surrounding hamlets and other villages. Visit the Żejtun region in September, when the Olive Oil festival takes place, for a chance to enjoy the best in Maltese cuisine and meet the Green King of the Mediterranean Diet.

The Zejt iz-Zejtun Marathon falls under the HOST - The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism – project, headed by 5 Senses as the local partner. FOOT – Fit On Olive Trail - is the network of four running events taking place from spring to fall in Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Malta.

Be part of something international. Keep fit under the olive trees!

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Information about the HOST Project, FOOT Marathons and 5 Senses collaboration

The HOST - The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism - project objective is to contribute to sustainable revitalization of local economies in order to generate a positive impact on the population and the natural and cultural heritage. The project will promote itineraries related to the theme of the olive tree in four Mediterranean territories – Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Malta - through sporting events, customised tour packages and a marketing strategy.

HOST will specifically focus on the tourist sector as a turning point susceptible to drive economic development.

As part of the HOST project, the FOOT brand has been created. FOOT - Fit On Olive Trails - is a network of four running events taking place from spring to fall in Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Malta: four countries that have been thriving on the cultivation of olive trees for many centuries.

Malta is represented by 5 Senses Ltd which will be proudly handling the organisation of the Malta marathon as well as complementary promotional activities together with the Zejtun Local Council and the STARMAX Sport Association. HOST is co-financed by the COSME programme of the European Commission. COSME - Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - is the EC programme for supporting European SMEs competitiveness in the 2014-2020 period. HOST has an overall budget of €233,990 (75% of which are made available by the EC) for a period of 18 months from June 2015.

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