EU-funded Project - Genius Loci - to increase Tourist Potential

5-Senses is participating in a new EU-funded project under the COSME programme called Genius Loci. The Genius Loci project aims to valorise the tourism potential of industrial heritage and living industry in order to enhance tourist attractiveness of the involved territories through the discovery of the local Genius Loci.

Nowadays, in the industrial heritage sector, there are many programmes focusing on ‘trails’ and large industries (from coalmines to textile factories) while there are very few who deal with smaller historic enterprises (SMEs) in towns and rural industries. The Genius Loci project intents to foster the touristic exploitation of this “forgotten” market related to the industrial heritage of SMES. Starting from the three common industrial heritage sectors of the involved countries, the packages will take into consideration the following, border crossing-transnational themes:

The main aim of the project is to realise transnational touristic products based on the valorisation of the cultural and industrial heritage and living industry, in order to promote and to support the increasing tourist flows in the areas of industrial heritage that are still unknown to the general public. The tourist product is to be developed by combining two kinds of industrial tourism: active industries and industrial heritage tourism.

The project is coordinated by APIFORM s.r.l. from Italy and has five partners from Belgium, Spain, Malta and Hungary:

If you would like to have more information about the project, please contact: or 2339 014