Discover your region - Malta

The Limestone Heritage, Siggiewi, Malta
29th March 2017

On Wednesday 29th March 5 Senses Malta in collaboration with Merill Rural Network organised the Discover your Region – Malta event. The event took place in the Limestone Heritage venue and 5 Senses delivered the introduction.

Ms Fjoralba Kodrasi introduced 5 Senses and the TastyCheeseTOUR project, its objectives and activities. After that, Prof. Noel Buttigieg delivered a brief session regarding the historical aspects about cheese production in Malta. A detailed insight was given about the rearing of dairy livestock and evolution of cheese through modern times with main focus the Maltese cheese. The last speaker of the event, Mr Christian Borg, discussed agritourism in the local context; the need for agricultural community capacity building, before agritourism projects are promoted and the importance of working together as a network to bring about a positive merge between tourism and agriculture.

Closing the speakers sessions the floor was given to the attendees to discuss on the topic of agritourism in Malta. Participants were mainly local cheese producers and farmers as well as representatives from the tourism sector.

During the day, we also had the honour to have an antique weaving loom demonstration by Antoine tan-Newl, a local artisan. The event finished with cheese tasting, networking and discussions of future events and collaboration as part successful initiatives such as the TastyCheeseTOUR Project.

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