5 Senses prides itself on being involved in Projects for Sustainable Tourism, designed to plan and implement tourism projects with sustainability. We aim to use tourism as a force for economic, cultural and social change, supporting the delivery of successful projects in a way that ensures benefits for all: visitors, local communities and stakeholders alike.

Genius Loci project

Name of Project: Genius Loci
Start Date: 01/04/2016
Duration: 18 months
Programme: COSME
Project website:

General Objectives:

The main aim of the project is to realise transnational touristic products based on the valorisation of cultural and industrial heritage and living industry, in order to promote and to support the increasing tourist flows in areas of industrial heritage that are still unknown to the general public. The tourist product is to be developed by combining two kinds of industrial tourism: active industries and industrial heritage tourism.

The Genius Loci Project aims to foster the touristic market related to the following sectors:

  • Fermented drinks (beer, wine, cider, etc.), the distilling process, and their transformation into spirits
  • The heritage of clay processing industries (bricks, tiles, roof tiles [refractory bricks, pottery, drainage pipes, majolica, etc.])
  • Traditional textile crafts (weaving) and the production of traditional European textile fibres (flax, hemp, etc.)

Other Objectives:

To acquire a deep knowledge of the development of the tourism market based on industrial heritage valorisation;

To provide to tourist operators specific tools and methodologies in order to increase the tourism flow to the industrial heritage sites;

To make citizens leading actors of their own tourist experience, enabling them to approach new technologies in order to choose and plan their personal transnational holiday;

To realise a benchmark analysis in European countries in order to identify good practices to be transferred in the field of the development of industrial heritage tourism packages;

To create an interactive web platform where users (both potential customers and tourist operators) could access and interact in order to promote, use and disseminate opportunities for tourism in Europe;

To create an E-FAITH quality Label associated with a QR Code containing multi-languages and multi-media information and contents;

To establish the INDUSTRIANA Network;

To realise networking action and training activities to disseminate the methods and materials produced, so that they are accessible to, and used by, a vast number of tourism stakeholders in Europe;

To carry out training activities addressed to public regional authorities, tourist operators, enterprises operating in the field of territorial marketing and tourism promotion;

To enhance the visibility of typical living industries of involved countries

The Role of 5-Senses Malta:

  • Participation in all partners meetings
  • Involvement of Stakeholders and Product Club development Work package leader
  • Mapping sites in Malta
  • Participation in Design and development of innovative experiential thematic products
  • Participation in Establishment of INDUSTRIANA Network
  • Establishment of Product Club on industrial Heritage
  • Contribution to marketing plan development
  • Dissemination activities


The project is coordinated by APIFORM s.r.l. from Italy and has five partners from Belgium, Spain, Malta and Hungary:


If you would like to have more information about the project, please contact: or 2339 0142

Genius Loci meeting in Malta

On the 29 – 30th of September, 5-Senses hosted the 2nd partners meeting of Genius Loci project in Malta.

Representatives from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Malta were present during the meeting. During the first day of the meeting, partners had an opportunity to discuss the project progress and future planning. During the second day, a number of visits were organised to industrial heritage places chosen for the Industriana platform by 5-Senses. Partners have visited Simonds Farsons Cisk brewery, Malta Tiles and Malta Limestone Heritage.

The next Genius Loci meeting will take place in March 2017 in Spain.

For further information about the project, please contact:

Genius Loci Stakeholder Meeting

6th December 2016

On the 6th of December, 5 Senses Malta presented the Genius Loci project funded by the COSME programme of the EU at Bistra Catacombs.

During the first part of the event, the Genius Loci project was presented. 5 Senses discussed the main objectives to be implemented, the international partners and the work undertaken. All ten industrial heritage places identified and chosen in Malta were presented together with the potential tourism routes. Some of these include Farsons brewery, the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens, Alda Bugeja’s Gozo weaving, the Malta Tiles and Consiglia Azzopardi’s Maltese Lace.

After the project presentation, a discussion arose about the importance of this project being implemented in Malta. 18 tour guides attended the event and actively participated in the discussion.

It was mentioned that amongst the industrial heritage places identified, some already attract tourists while others are available by appointment only. The Genius Loci project will help to identify the potential of different industrial heritage locations in Malta. Tourist guides underlined that the project will develop an interesting product for them about which they would like to receive further information after its development.

The second local meeting with stakeholders will be organised in 2017.

TastyCheese TOUR project

Name of Project: TastyCheese TOUR
Start Date: 01/03/2016
Duration: 15 months
Programme: COSME

General Objectives

TastyCheeseTOUR will contribute to the promotion and development of a transnational, competitive, sustainable and high-quality rural tourism in EU regions with cheese Protected Designation of Origin, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and other high-quality cheese.

TastyCheeseTOUR will create transnational blended itineraries (cultural and industrial heritage, agricultural and livestock related) in 6 member countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia and Spain.

The project objectives are:

  • Foster economic dynamism in EU rural and deprived areas which produce cheese by increasing the number of local and international visitors.
  • Creation of new touristic products and routes (7) based in “experienced-based” tourism related to cheese in rural and deprived areas.
  • Better valorisation / awareness and market uptake of high-quality cheese, especially those with PDO, TSG and PGI including their integration in short channel distribution strategies for the tourism industry.
  • Capacity building and development of tools for SMEs and other public authorities/chamber of commerce related to tourism and cheese to get the tourism benefits.
  • Preserve and support unique cultural/industrial characteristics in some partner regions related to cheese such as migratory livestock as a new and alternative touristic product and promoting sustainable tourism for the socio-economic development and enhancement of territories.
  • Creation of jobs related to cheese and tourism industry in the areas and supporting entrepreneurship in the agritourism field.
  • International cooperation and best practices exchange among partners with different background in agritourism.
  • Fostering public-private partnerships (PPPs) in rural and deprived areas.

Role of 5Senses:

  • Participate in the kickoff and transnational meetings.
  • Support the monitoring and evaluating process of the project.
  • Report about the State of the art related to culinary/tourism in Malta.
  • Collect best practices and provide methodology to develop effective promotion.
  • Answer the surveys developed for the project.
  • Increase the capacity building in the tourism and cheesemaker industry in rural and deprived areas and put them in touch with touroperators and travel agencies.
  • Create touristic products and routes related to cheese in rural and deprived areas.
  • Disseminating those routes and products by organizing campaigns, social networks, info-sessions and events.
  • Create documentaries and a Cheese Recipe Ebook and a Narrative Ebook.
  • Pilot test the project in Malta.

Project Meetings:

  • Kick-off Meeting: -
  • Interim: TBC
  • Final Meeting: TBC


  • Mancomunidad de Municipios del Norte de Gran Canaria (Spain) (Coordinator)
  • Daugavpils University (Latvia)
  • 5-Senses (Malta)
  • Soča Valley Development Centre (Slovenia)
  • Superficie-8 (Italy)
  • Latvian Country Tourism Association (Latvia)
  • Personal-Konsult Gantcho-Popov (Bulgaria)


  • TBC

TastyCheese TOUR Project Kick-off Meeting in Belgium

5 Senses attended the kick-off meeting for the TastyCheese TOUR Project in Brussels, Belgium on 20th April, 2016. The event was successfully attended by all seven international partners from six countries including Spain, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Italy and Bulgaria.

Malta is represented by 5 Senses. The TastyCheese TOUR project will run for 15 months, having started in March 2016. The project is EU-funded through the COSME programme contributing to the promotion and development of a transnational, competitive, sustainable and high-quality rural tourism in EU regions with high-quality cheese including Protected Designation of Origin, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and others.

TastyCheeseTOUR will create transnational blended itineraries (cultural and industrial heritage, agricultural and livestock related) in the six member countries.

During the meeting in Brussels, each partner presented themselves and their institutions and the project was introduced. Discussions followed about the internal and administrative arrangements of the project and moved on to the preparation of the project work plan and validation of the methodology of the project.

For more information, please contact us on or 2339 0137

The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism project

Name of Project: The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism
Acronym: H.O.S.T.
Name of Programme: COSME Programme 2014
Key action: Diversifying the EU Tourism Offer and Products
Action: Sustainable Transnational Tourism Products 2014
Reference number: COS-WP2014-3-15.03
Duration: 18 months
Start Date: June 2015
End Date: November 2016
Role of 5 Senses: Partner


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable revitalization of local economies with positive impact on population resilience and on natural and cultural heritage conservation.

The project will specifically focus on the tourist sector as turning point susceptible to drive economic development.
The project intends to develop a tourism product based on sport activities declined in a rural environment.
One of the activities we will implement is an open air running (marathon) that will be located in four areas characterised by a Mediterranean landscape, along the "Virtual Transnational Route of Olive Tree", a brand new thematic itinerary that the project contributes creating and marketing.
The specific objective is thus to contribute to the sector profitability and sustainability by supporting SMEs competitiveness, promoting diversification of the supply of tourism products and services, coordinate actors, build capacities and promote destinations through territorial branding, strengthening trans-national cooperation.
Ultimately, the project promotes tourism in natural areas that benefits local communities in order to become environmental, cultural and economic destinations.

The project contributes addressing the following objectives:
- promoting transnational tourism routes/itineraries in both physical and virtual way
H.O.S.T. Project takes together four territories sharing a common rural Mediterranean landscape.
In the project frame, the four Olive Tree Routes/itineraries in each country will be linked to create a Virtual Transnational Route of Olive Tree, to be promoted by large international sport events.
Customized touristic packages are developed to foster the partner areas as touristic destinations and advertised via an original marketing strategy.
- stimulate competitiveness, encourage SMEs participation and cooperation
H.O.S.T. Project, by a training programme, helps local SMEs and stakeholders in better responding to high-quality tourism market. To improve actor`s co-ordination and reduce offer fragmentation, a strong networking activity is run bringing to the establishment of a formal network of SMEs of the tourism sector.
- diversification of the tourism products and services, sustainable tourism products
The offer diversification, according to cultural and environmental sustainability, is our guiding strategy because: i) the newly designed tourist packages target diversified audience (sports lovers but also accompanying people, elderly, family with children) ii) the variety of local heritage is appraised (e.g. itineraries along terrace land, tasting tours, spa experience etc.).

5 Senses's Role:
5Senses main contribution to the project refers to:
1. the organization of local training workshops (WP3);
2. the organization of the Malta marathon plus complementary promotional activities (WP4);
3. the conception and marketing of tourism packages (WP4).
Additionally we will take care of organising the first partnership meeting (Kick-off) that is held in Malta (WP1), and will coordinate project communication activities and results dissemination as for WP5 in order to ensure visibility and to enhance multiplier effects. In particular, 5Senses will be responsable for organising national and international symposia and conferences, diffusing press releases, supporting in the fields of the project web portal, scientific publications, reports gathering lessons learnt and best practises.

The project is expected to impact on target areas as follows:
§ local operators and public authorities are more keen to work in network for the integration of offers and services;
§ the offer is diversified and consistent with high quality tourism global market requirements;
§ the tourist flows is increased, new jobs are created in the sector;
§ the touristic season is extended out of the summer peak period;
§ the areas have gained reputation as suitable destination for sports and wellbeing lovers;
§ the areas become more extrovert, the partners and the local stakeholders are more willing to adapt to new conditions and endorse new practices in entrepreneurship.

Referring to tangible results under each work packages:
§ WP1: project management deliverables such as partnership` s agreement, Steering Committee`s regulation, Steering Committee's minutes, interim and final technical reports, expenditure report (financial statements); so, a proper project management according to the European Commission standards through a smooth implementation and periodical monitoring, balanced sharing of responsibility, large information circulation among partners, an affective decision making process.
§ WP2: a multilingual web portal promoting the Transnational Route of Olive Tree as a unique touristic destination, a web portal for the Montepisano Destination Management Company (DMC); a detailed marketing strategy including a situation analysis and a Territorial Branding study, a feasibility study on DMO (Slovenian Destination Management Organization) development and a formalised SMEs network;
§ WP3: a training programme implemented in the four partner areas and related documents (need assessment, background/didactic material, evaluation reports) for a total of 200 hours. It`s about workshops aimed to boost the capacity building of local actors in the touristic sector, targeting an audience of about 25 among SMEs and other relevant actors per country, to identify critical aspects of business activity and to improve companies` performance.
§ WP4: Organisation and implementation of international sport events: two trails in Monte Pisano and in Lesvos and marathons in Zejtun and Koper- two of them newly run and two enhanced); Developing diversified touristic packages and communication related actiivities for promoting the territory beside the sport events and involve the highest possible number of local operators and participants;
§ WP5: an advanced Internal and external communication strategy and Dissemination related activities about products/events, with an Final Technical Conference open to international experts as well; lesson learned and guidelines for destination management.
Development of an educational game on ecotourism -discovering the local environmental and cultural heritage.

Consortium: Six partners involved from Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Greece:
• Fondazione Campus:
• Timesis srl:
• 5Senses Ltd:
• The Municipality of Koper:
• The Regional Development Centre Koper:
• ETAL S.A.:

Affiliated entities:
• Route of Olive Tree of the Council of Europe (Transnational level);
• Committee of the Route of Olive Oil of Monti Pisani (IT);
• Chamber of Commerce of Lesvos (as affiliated entity to the partner ETAL SA);
• Chamber of Commerce of Pisa (IT);
• Chamber of Commerce of Lucca (IT);
• Chamber of Commerce of Primoska (SI);
• Municipalities of Zejtun (MA);
• Municipality of the Island of Lesvos (GR);
• Tuscany Region

5-Senses is proud to be the Maltese project partners for FOOT
FOOT is a network of four running events taking place from spring to fall in Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Malta: four countries that have been thriving on the cultivation of olive trees for many centuries.
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The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism project
5-Senses Malta is proud to welcome the consortium of `The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism (H.O.S.T)` for the kick-off meeting of the project, held on 9th July 2015 at the Local Council of Zejtun, Malta.
H.O.S.T is an EU project co-funded through the COSME Programme. This initiative links four different Mediterranean areas strongly connected by the tradition of olive trees, specifically: Lucca (Italy), Koper (Slovenia), Zejtun (Malta) and Lesvos (Greece). The main goal of the partnership is revitalising local economies by promoting sport initiatives and a diversification of tourist products and services .
The meeting was started by the mayor of Zejtun, Mr Joseph Attard, who did an introductory speech emphasising the relevance of the H.O.S.T project for the local economy as well as the common cultural heritage amongst Mediterranean people.
Afterwards, Fondazione Campus (Italy) concisely illustrated how the consortium will develop the project. This was followed by the presentation of each partner, namely: 5 Senses (Malta), Formazione Campus (Italy), Timesis srl (Italy), Municipality of Koper (Slovenia), Regional Development Centre Koper - RDC (Slovenia), Fondazione Campus (Italy) and Lesvos Local Development Company (Greece).
At the end of the meeting, the partners visited the Zejtun Centre and local sites nearby the city (Hydroponic farm; San Niklaw Wine & Olive Estate; LourdCarm Estate).
TVM feature aired on the news and on TVM website about the meeting posted on 12th July 2015

The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism project
5 Senses is participating in a new project funded by the European Commission, under the COSME programme. The project aims to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and the Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism (H.O.S.T.). This initiative will contribute to the sustainable revitalisation of local economies with a positive impact on the local populationtogether with the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.
The project objective is to develop a tourism product based on sport activities which have declined in a rural environment, thus to promote the diversification of tourism products and services. H.O.S.T. will build capacities and promote destinations through territorial branding and strengthening of trans-national cooperation. One of the activities that will be held though the H.O.S.T. project is an open air fun run that will be located in the area of Zejtun. Zejtun has been chosen due to its influence in the sector of the local olive oil production, characterised by a Mediterranean landscape, along the "Virtual Transnational Route of Olive Tree", a new brand thematic itinerary that the project will create and disseminate. Also a training programme will be delivered through workshops which will be organised throughout the 18 months of the project lifetime. These workshops will aim to boost the capacity building of local actors in the tourism sector, targeting SMEs and other relevant actors active in the field, in order to identify critical aspects of businesses and to improve companies` performance.
The consortium is made up of six international partners from Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Greece that will meet for the first time on the 9th July, 2015 in Malta, at the Zejtun Local Council. Zejtun Local Council together with other local entities, is the associate partner of 5 Senses in this project who will support the activities of the project in Malta.
For further information about the project you can contact Maria Limongelli at or call on 20106426.

H.O.S.T. Training Course in Malta

Between 10th May and 27th May 2016, 5 Senses Malta is implementing H.O.S.T. - The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism - project training workshops. The training will cover four modules, each delivered by local experts in their fields as follows:

• Food Culture Module - by Dr. Noel Buttigieg
• Communication and Marketing Strategies Module - by Mr. Melvin Caruana
• Environmental and Cultural Assets Management Module - by Ms. Sarah Faith Azzopardi
• Experiential Tourism Module - by Ms. Sarah Faith Azzopardi

The training is currently half way through with two of the four modules having been completed. Participants include students in the tourism sector, staff from Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and individuals interested in setting up a business within the tourism sector. At the end of the training programme, participants will be delivered attendance certificates from the H.O.S.T. project lead partner, Fondazione Campus -

H.O.S.T. is co-financed by the COSME programme of the European Commission and has an overall budget of €233,990 for a period of 18 months from June 2015. The H.O.S.T. project objective is to contribute to sustainable revitalisation of local economies in order to generate a positive impact on the population and the natural and cultural heritage. The project will promote itineraries related to the theme of the olive tree in four Mediterranean territories – Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Malta - through sporting events, customised tour packages and a marketing strategy.

H.O.S.T. specifically focusses on the tourist sector as a turning point susceptible to drive economic development.

Holy Grail: mystic Routes and Activities to Improve Local tourism

Name of Project: Grail: Holy Grail: Mystic Routes and Activities to improve Local Toursim
Acronym: GRAIL
Name of Programme: ENT-CIP
Action: Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage"
Reference number: 69/G/ENT/PPA/13/411
Duration: 18 months
Start Date: August 2014
End Date: January 2016
Role of 5 Senses: Partner

Aim: The aim of GRAIL Partnership is to plan, promote and spread Holy Grail`s spiritual and cultural. Route by identifying and selecting (in a first stage) both tangible (cathedrals, symbolic places...) and intangible elements (history, culture, traditions, mysteries...) such as emblematic places, describing characters, legends, historical figures, Myths.

Specific Objectives:
1. To identify the tourist potential of the Holy Grail Route. It is a historical, cultural route full of myths where Jewish-Christian and European cultures are permanently updated by puzzles, mysteries, nature, symbolic stones. Analysing and describing the main historic milestones, places, characters, enigmas.
2. To design an initial/ basic Tourism Atlas of the Holy Grail Route
3. To design a website in order to offer interactive access to different resources including the atlas, the route and other updated content in different languages. With both dimensions: intranet and extranet.
4. To design an identity symbol (BRAND NAME) for the route.
5. To edit a credential including all the emblematic places, figures, etc.
6. To organize networks to disseminate the knowledge within the local tourist providers.
7. To plan signposting the route according to international principles.
8. To create a ThinkTank about the Route based in the spanish Holy Grail Association among social networks, and touristic websites.
9. To promote gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, pilgrim routes, mountainbiking and hiking routes in all the places identified in first objective.
10. To get national, European and International accreditation on the Route.
11. To organise the III Holy Grail Pilgrimage and the 2nd International Conference to promote and to spread the knowledge about the Route.

5-Senses role:
- Develop all relevant documents around the Holy Grail Route (Responsible of the activity)
- To recognize and appreciate the value of the product, to visualize the Route, to identify the real elements and history about the Route, to know and leverage knowledge, to promote the Route
- Quality assurance of the above conclusions, knowing expertise opinions and reflections about the Holy Grail Route
- To add tourist value to the social and economic environment, to create a cultural route and all its consequences among social and economics agents, to produce opportunities in all the regions implied.
5 senses is leading the Workpackage 2 with University of West London. This WorkPackage consist in Document Analysis and Sharing, Expertise Approach and Route Description.

University of Zaragoza
Comarca La Jacetania (Spain)
Sargantana S.L. (Spain)
TEI of Crete (Greece)
Bournemouth University (Great Britain)
NGO My World (Bulgaria)
University of West London (Great Britain)
5-Senses (Malta)
Government of Aragon (Spain)

Holy Grail: mystic Routes and Activities to Improve Local tourism
5-senses will be participating in a new EU funded project called "Holy Grail", which started in August 2014 and will be implemented over a period of 18 months. This recently awarded project has as its main objective to identify the Holy Grail Route and to promote it as a Thematic Tourism Product. Eight partner institutions from five different countries (Spain, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta) are involved.

"GRAIL Project" Kick-off meeting
25th and 26th September 2014
Jaca, Spain

5-senses is participating in a new EU partnership project called "Holy Grail: mystic Routes and Activities to Improve Local tourism", aimed to identify and promote the Holy Grail Routes as a Thematic Tourism Product .
The project started in August 2014 and the kick-off meeting was held between the 25th and 26th of September 2014 in Jaca (Spain).
Throughout this meeting all the eight project partners, from five different countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Great Britain and Malta came together, to discuss the way forward in implementing the project”. The different work-packages were defined and the roles of each partner were highlighted.

More about the project:

The Holy Grail spiritual legend is widely known and presented in a lot of movies, novels and legends past and present and has all the ingredients to become an important Spiritual European Route attracting people from the entire world.

In particular, in the sacred goblet's journey from the Last Supper (Holy Land) to the present day two main routes have been identified through the GRAIL project:

1. Arthurian Epic Holy Grail Route, from Great Britain (where de Holy Grail went firstly), across France till Spain (where the Holy Grail is now).
2. Spiritual, Mystic/Mythic and Religious Holy Grail Route, by the sea from Bulgaria across Crete (Greece) and Malta till Spain.

The kick off meeting for this project took place in Jaca, Spain, September 25th -26th, and gave all the partners the occasion to identify the role of each partner, define the work-packages and discuss the best possible way to implement the project.

The role of 5-senses:
As Maltese partner, 5-senses' main role in this project will be to identify the main emblematic places, historical figures and legends around the (2) Holy Grail Route and to develop all relevant documents.

Involved partners:
Comarca La Jacetania (Spain); Sargantana S.L. (Spain); TEI of Crete (Greece); Bournemouth University (Great Britain); NGO My World (Bulgaria); University of West London (Great Britain); 5-Senses (Malta); Government of Aragon (Spain).

For any information about this project please contact us on


The International Conference on Cultural Tourist Routes in Creative and Innovative Society will be organised on the 26th-29th of November in Jaca, Spain.
Tourism researchers, cultural and historical professionals interested in the Holy Grail Route are invited to participate.
The conference will be part of the Grail: Holy Grail: Mystic Routes and Activities to improve a Local Tourism project funded under the EU, ENT-CIP programme. For more information please visit the following website:

Grail: Holy Grail: Mystic Routes and Activities to improve Local Tourism 2nd partners meeting

Holy Grail is the project funded by the EU under the ENT-CIP programme. It aims to plan, promote and spread the Holy Grail`s spiritual and cultural route by identifying and selecting both tangible and intangible elements such as emblematic places, describing characters, legends, historical figures and myths.
The University of West London organised the second partners meeting on the 30th and 31st March. All project partners were present during the meeting.
5 Senses, as an organization specialising in village and culture tourism in Malta, represents the Maltese partner of the consortium implementing this project.
Two days of meetings included presentations of each country`s routes reports and expert interviews as well as extensive discussions about the different work-packages. More precisely, partners elaborated on the coordination and management of the project, the participatory implementation methodology, process and good practices, communication and dissemination and also on creating new thematic Tourism products.
On the 26th - 29th of November an International Conference on Cultural Tourist Routes in a Creative and Innovative Society will be organised in Jaca, Spain. For more information about the project and conference please contact us on